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What’s It Take (WIT) is a blog dedicated to exploring “hot” political issues that call for a more proactive approach and beg the question – “What’s it take to make a difference?” or better yet, “What’s it take for my voice to be heard?”

WIT is an attempt to bridge that gap, the gap between what we see and the knowledge of how we can address those issues effectively.  Make no mistake; WIT is a highly liberal blog with a very open-minded approach to the issues.  Being liberal is an intellectual decision based upon the tenants of honesty and good will afforded to all men, women, and children regardless of race, creed, age, sexual orientation, gender identification, or political affiliation.

WIT will in no way adopt or condone any issue that it perceives as prejudicial or in any way seeks to malign and/or restrict the behavior of any person or group of people with regards to any of the afore mentioned classifications.  All people have the right to be heard without fear of reprisal and as such will be afforded all the due respect and dignity inherent to that of any sentient being.

With that said, welcome to WIT; a pro-active, pro-intellectual blog geared at challenging the status quo of blind acceptance that has come to characterize the toxic conservative movement both in the U.S. and abroad. As such, this so-called quasi-ethical fundamentalist Christian movement has increasingly sought to enslave and brainwash its adherents through an onslaught of mass media manipulation through the use of exploitative disinformation and fundamental religious bias.  This isn’t to say that all Christians share this deleterious standard but rather this is an attempt to call-out and identify those that have.

This approach is in no way intended as a contradiction to the basic tenants of WIT; but rather, is set about to establish and further clarify its desire to achieve the ultimate objective of dignified human interactions.  As has been indicated so often by the actions of the afore mentioned neo-conservative movement, their aim has been and continues to be one of division, subordination, vilification, and divisive misinformation to the degree that it has severely damaged any form of personal and/or collective credibility with regards to any semblance of rational thought or relevant expectations.

Unlike its conservative counterpart, WIT will make no claims of supporting any conservative ideology while misrepresenting where any donated funds will be allocated to.  In fact, WIT makes no claim to raising funds for any cause.  WIT is a forum of ideologies and although it supports efforts geared towards funding liberal causes, it will in no way ask for any monies on behalf of or in cause of any benefactor.  Therefore, anyone making such claims should be viewed as highly suspect and reported immediately to the administrator of WIT for further investigation and action.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy.

Management of WIT

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